uooMAG Crowd sale Review

uooMAG Crowd sale Review

The magazine industry has had trouble attracting audiences interested in contents of their print versions to online editions; with most failing to deliver a the full set of their content online. Yet, with a world that is continuously using the web for more and more daily activities, the demand for online press is rising while magazines keep having a hard time to bridge the gap.

Decentralization could be a radical solution to the aforementioned problems, and uooMAG is envisioning to fast track the process of revolutionizing the publishing of magazine content. The fact that digitally released versions of print magazines are often not suitable for smartphones is recognized as an issue. With an already large and growing percentage of web traffic coming from mobile devices, uooMAG aims to tap on the market this market by unlocking its potential.

More specifically, uooMAG’s operations will be divided into two parts the front end application that’s going to be optimized for smartphones and its. The publishing platform is sure going to be more complex part of the operation but also the most brilliant one. The developers of uooMAG are aiming to create 4 core functions under their publishing platform solution:

Decentralised Publishing Platform

After receiving answers by each users on what content they’d prefer, a personalized publication would be generated and the application would download each user’s personalized publication for offline reading.

This is where uooMAG’s solution would feed the created content to smartphones. Feeds would be maintained through existing functions and notifications could be received by users for the generated HTML and smartphone friendly personalized magazine. Also, potential subscription fees could be handled through existing solutions like Google’s “Play Store” or Apple’s “App Store”.

Decentralised Global Freelance Exchange

At this level, freelances would compete on an open market with a trust system, in order to provide content as requested by publishers. Freelancers will have their work rated by readers and receive income based on the success of their content.

Advertising Platform

A platform for parties interested to run ad campaigns on uooMAG’s content network would become available. Ads could be targeted based on user preferences or use location/company criteria. Other than regular ads, uooMAG is also expecting a stream of affiliate ads, where commission would be paid based on the success of each ad.

Finance System

The final part of the publishing platform as it is stated in uooMAG’s whitepaper: “It is intended to use a financial software solution on  blockchain together with uooMAG Custom API”. This solution is going to have links to invoices to advertisers, payments to freelancers and help with payrolls and payable invoices.

Income Sources

UooMAG aims to receive income from several kinds of ventures, including direct sales of the publishing platform to companies including ones that utilize own publishing software as well as providing a turnkey solution to those that do not. Other than that, a branch out to existing print publication is planned, along with a franchise partner program. The tokens will in turn reward investors with an equivalent share of profits.

In such a way,  uooMAG aiming to become a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) running on the WAVES blockchain with the aim to connect freelance writers, publishers, advertisers and to produce a digitally distributed, personalized stream of magazine styled content that can be monetized efficiently based on reader and potentially subscriber interests; for the current mobile technology standards.


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