Swissborg Crowdsale Review

Swissborg Crowdsale Review

SwissBorg is a project with the goal of decentralizing asset management, by bringing it to the era of blockchain technology. In the project’s vision, the revolution in wealth management would come through a blockchain powered, community centered approach achieved through Decentralized Autonomous Organization technology.

The team behind the project recognizes that there is a lack of innovation in modern wealth management, and thus tries to fill the gap with bleeding edge innovative disruption. The platform aims to provide financial advisors with more direct access to the now upcoming crypto assets. As demand kept rising for cryptocurrency investments, the number of solutions targeted to established financial firms didn’t increase or scale accordingly.

A system that could bridge the gap between experienced investors would have the chance to draw capital from the interest in the booming cryptocurrency economy. And this, along with democratizing procedures and improving the overall experience based on user preferences, is what SwissBorg counts on providing for its success.

Managing to complete such goals while keeping operations under a decentralized and autonomous fashion could potentially be challenging but thankfully ethereum smart contracts are coming into the mix to streamline such processes. The democratization part aims to be incentivized by allowing those holding the platform’s tokens (CHSB) to participate in the development of the system, even by being rewarded for voting within the platform.

As mentioned in the project’s whitepaper, when it comes to the more general idea that services provided within the platform would fall under, SwisBorg aims to provide bank grade services. All that while envisioning to provide such infrastructure with no restrictions such as minimum deposits and making it available to everyone. Next generation financial services would be provided such as tokenization of assets and AI powered investments, all through smart contracts that would allow for great flexibility for the implementation of future ideas and concepts.

Such services could be targeted towards a plethora of different groups, as the technology’s flexibility can only expand on potential use cases. In terms of innovating towards other alternatives though, SwissBorg envisions to bring new concepts in the game of crypto wealth management.  The platform will be seeking to make use of crowdsourced knowledge base and decentralized technology to create a unique type of AI for management, this way filling the gap of financial advisors.

In terms of bringing the platform’s aspect’s to life, KYC/AML procedures would be have to be brought under a blockchain structure. This would alleviate certain issues of trust that centralized procedures might carry, but would nevertheless be challenging to implement. After verification though, users would have access to a unique feature set as the project’s team envisions.

The tokenization aspect of the platform would offer tokenization of crowdsourced and handpicked assets, handled by management strategies. In terms of the wealth management services, the vision includes advice for trading by AI as well as a portfolio management service that would allow for risk management and financial planning, along with the ability to handle central legal matters.

Finally, the aspect dubbed as “crypto asset services” would include the potential of collaborations with outside partners for more tangible services such as debit cards, along with P2Ploans and a digital exchange for FIAT trades. This way acting as a one stop-shop to traders.

Overall, SwissBorg appears to be having a very futuristing approach on how wealth management could be incorporated with blockchain technology. While investing in such a platform certainly bears great risk, the potential reward if it becomes successful in delivering even a fraction of the envisioned aspects in a reasonable fashion, the project could attract great interest even amid the existing competition in the crypto space.


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