Step by Step Guide: How to Use BountypPortals to Earn ICO Tokens for Free

Step by Step Guide: How to Use BountypPortals to Earn ICO Tokens for Free

BountyPortals is an all-inclusive platform for ICO bounty campaigns. It brings ease of use to bounty hunters by gathering all the resources they’ll need in the platform’s easy to use dashboard.


The first step to accessing BountyPortals’ full range of services is to register on the platform’s website.

Click the link saying “Sign up now” and you’ll be taken to the registration page

Enter your registration information and don’t forget to use a valid email. It will be used to recover your account if you ever forget your password.

Connecting accounts

This is an important step that needs to be completed in order to be able to participate in any campaign.

From the top right menu, click on Connection Settings to go to the Connections page. From there, you’ll be able to connect your accounts.

From that page, you’ll be able to connect social media accounts, enter your email and enter your ETH address into the platform.

Press each button and follow instructions to enter your information for taking part in bounty campaigns.

Joining Campaigns

After you create an account you’ll be able to login and see the projects currently running their bounty campaigns on BountyPortals.

From the Browse page, you’ll be able to join projects that are currently running.

After you click on the page of a project you’ll have to press the Join Button.

Press yes on the prompt that appears if you’d like to join the campaign.  

Completing Tasks

Having joined the campaign, you’ll be greeted with the sections of it that you can submit work for as a bounty hunter.

Click on each button and the participation terms will appear.

Twitter Bounty Campaign

By clicking on Twitter’s button you’ll see the Rules of the Twitter campaign and the payment structure depending on your followers.

As you can see, there are a couple of requirements for taking part in Twitter campaigns: Following the Twitter account of the project and having at least 100 real followers. If you qualify for the two, our system will account for up to three retweets per day for each campaign you’re part of.


Similarly, there also are some requirements for joining a Facebook bounty campaign on BountyPortals. Those would be: Having liked the page of the project, having at least 50 real facebook friends.

The limit for work that’ll be rewarded in a day is up to 3 shares in a day and up to 1 comment per day. A minimum of 75 characters is required for comments to be rewarded.

Tracking Progress

After having connected your account and agreed to the bounty campaign’s terms for a project, your progress will be tracked.

Simply start completing tasks and BountyPortals’ system will start updating you about the progress by counting eligible work in real time.

What are Stakes?

Stakes are what BountyPortals uses to fairly reward users with the reward they’re entitled to at the end of the campaign. Stakes translate into tokens once rewards are distributed in the following way: The Bounty Pool (total number of tokens allocated to the campaign) are distributed to bounty hunters accordingly to Stakeholders. F.e.: If a user holds 1% of the stakes from a campaign he’ll get 1% of the bounty pool of it.

More Bounties!

Don’t forget that BountyPortals also offers Translation, Blog and YouTube bunties as well as signature campaigns. Follow our service’s official account on bitcointalk to keep up to date with bounty threads, where’ you’ll be able to take reserve your position in those unique campaigns.

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