Connectius Crowdsale Review

Connectius Crowdsale Review

Connectius is a proposed SaaS platform, aiming to provide services to ecommerce merchants by integrating blockchain architecture in its service structure.

The first goal set by the project’s team would be to create a global and universal core platform for multiple services. Under the name Connectius.Core, this aspect of the platform is set to provide for the creation and maintenance of e-marketplaces. The platform is set to handle internal transactions with the use of smart contracts and blockchain technology.

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Rivetz: Using Blockchain Computing for Provable  Device Security

Rivetz: Using Blockchain Computing for Provable Device Security

A decentralised, tokenised cyber security

Rivetz Intl, a subsidiary of privacy firm Rivetz Corp, is in the midst of completing an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) for its RvT cyber security token in an ambitious move to bring the highest levels of sophistication yet to personal device security.

Led by leading security expert and innovator, CEO Steven Sprague, Rivetz’s solution will have far-reaching real world use, applicable to a wide range of verifiable security controls for cloud authentication, the Internet of Things, blockchain and even legacy financial transactions.

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DOVU Crowdsale Review

DOVU Crowdsale Review

DOVU (DOV) is the first cryptocurrency token to go after the the transportation sector with a decentralized solution. Its developers aim to provide a platform for the transport industry to initiate decentralized apps (dApps) for use by the community.

The core components of the project’s platform are going to be the DOVU protocol, the DOV token and the DOVU API Marketplace. The protocol is set to be an open source with the aim of accelerating the creation of dApps, and with the help of the token facilitate transactions between those decentralized apps through ethereum’s blockchain.

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Authoreon Crowdsale Review

Authoreon Crowdsale Review

Authoreon is a project priding itself in being “decentralizing authorization, authentication, verification & certification”. The project aims to help minimize and ultimately prevent fraud based on cybersecurity attacks.

The developers of the projects are seeking to tap on the need for better online security as breaches and fraud become even more widespread through the world wide web. Authoreon seeks to act as a better measure of security for the prevention of document fraud, identity theft as well as cyber attacks.

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