How to earn free tokens

How to earn free tokens

Through BountyPortals, everyone is able to earn ICO coins with ease. Simple tasks like sharing Facebook and Twitter posts, joining newsletters or discussion channels are all automatically tracked and rewarded through the platform. Through this guide, all the necessary steps to earn ICO coins through BountyPortals are laid out in detail.


First, head on over to the website’s login page if the ICO project you’re interested in and

Click the “REGISTER” button to register into the platform once there.

You’ll be asked for an email, a username and a password. Make note of your email and password because you’ll be using them to log in. After having filled in your info, click the “REGISTER NOW” button to complete your registration.

Logging In

After your registration, you’ll be able to log in.

If everything went well with the registration, you should be redirected to the login page. Enter your email and password and hit the “LOG IN” button.

Now, after having logged in, you’ll be greeted by BountyPortals’s interface. Here you’ll be able to utilize the platform’s toolset to earn ICO coins with ease. First thing to do would be to enter your ethereum address in the platform for your tokens to be sent to it once distribution begins.

Entering your Ethereum Address

At the top of the page, click the “Ehereum Address” button. Be careful where you’ll be getting this address from though. Tokens are only supported in certain Ethereum wallets so don’t use the address of an exchange. We suggest for ease of use or the latest version of Mist if you’d like to download a wallet.

Enter an address and save it after you have gotten one.

Facebook and Twitter

Now, you’ll be able to earn Stakes and be sure that the earned tokens through your stake will be transferred to the address you control. You should move on into connecting your social media accounts to the platform of BountyPortals.

Go to Facebook’s tile under the “Bounties” section and you’ll be asked to log in to facebook.

After doing so, you’ll be asked to approve the BountyPortals app on Facebook. Do so by pressing the “Continue” button and you’ll be redirected back into the platform.

Let’s now do the same for Twitter.

After clicking “Connect” in Twitter’s tile, you should be asked to enter your login information for twitter to authorize the application. Doing so will redirect back to the platform. Onto the details now.

Click on the Facebook/Twitter logos to open the relevant pages, and on “View Details” to see the a set or rules as well as instructions on how to earn stakes.

For Facebook, each action will earn you different stakes. The first step to enter the campaign would be to like the project’s Facebook page. 50 or more friends are required. Stakes on Facebook are earned by liking posts, sharing, and commenting; with each earning 0.5, 1 and 2 stakes respectively.

For twitter, retweets are rewarded. A minimum of 100 followers is required and you’ll need to follow the project’s account at first. The more followers you have though, the more stakes that will be earned from each retweet.

Other Rewards & More

Other rewards might be available too, you should look into the Bounty announcement thread of the project you’re interested in for more info. For a sneak peek on which bounty campaign’s are currently running, monitor the Work section of BountyPortals’ homepage and our blog posts for reviews. For more details on our platform and services, read our article: About Bounty Portals.

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