eGold Crowdsale Review

eGold Crowdsale Review

eGold aims to become the “ultimate eSports betting cryptocurrency”, by merging the best of the two, making cryptographic security easy to utilize for the eSports betting community.

The upcoming cryptocurrency envisions to become a global payment solution for the growing market that eSports betting is becoming. The underlying platform of competitive eSports has certainly been growing rapidly through the last few years. From small and loosely organized events less than a decade ago, stadiums are now being filled with fans of competitive games to watch top tier matches.

Competitive eSports is certainly an expanding industry, with more and more games catching in the trend through the last few years. Nowadays, all kinds of game genres with multiplayer aspects are trying to have a competitive aspect in hopes of being part of the esports craze. Younger generations are getting interested in sports once again due to the growing influence games have on the sports economy.

There constantly are competitive gaming events and betting has surely been following suit to that trend. People look to bet on their favorite teams, and up until recently most eSports betting platforms were fan made and would allow betting for in-game items or tokens. Larger betting platforms have very recently started to adopt eSports as a betting category. As the demand grows, betting for real money on eSports became more prevalent.

However, we’ve yet to see the combination of both cryptocurrency’s advantages along with a wide variety of eSports matches to bet on. Playing with cryptocurrency surely has many advantages that gamblers and bettors are recognizing as evident by the trend of cryptocurrency accepting platforms growing. However, there are no notable specialized platforms that are known to combine eSports and cryptocurrency efficiently.

This is precisely the gap that eGold comes to fill. Bringing the transparency, security and automation of blockchain technology and smart contracts to betting, this way ensuring payouts and fairness. The teab behind the platform envisions to create infrastructure based on the blockchain in its entirety. Accepting bets via smart contracts, this way guaranteeing safety of deposits and throwing trust based issues our of the equation.

The processes related to transactions will be attributed to the wallet infrastructure provided by eGold, so waiting on withdrawal processing and deposit crediting would be a thing of the past under such infrastructure. The initial release planned for the development of eGold technology would be an owned platform integrating the technologies developed. Then, the development of services to integrate eGold with other, pre-existing platforms. As per the whitepaper, the integration part is set to happen by July 2018.

All in all, eGold is counting on some standards set by cryptocurrency betting, and hopes to improve on them by the development of blockchain and autonomous technologies to serve the rapidly growing community betting on gaming events. Depending on the success of the ICO campaign and how streamlined the development process would be, such a project would end up with a decent potential user base if successful in delivering the promised features.


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