easyMINE Crowd sale Review

easyMINE Crowd sale Review

Making mining accessible

Mining is complex

The incredible growth of blockchain and cryptocurrency makes it easy to forget that this is an industry that is still in its infancy. Behind the scenes, within every cryptographic network, lie a number of different protocols that ensure the security and safety of the network.

Whether it is proof-of-work, most recognised and widely used for currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, or proof-of-stake and proof-of-bandwidth, they form a distributed consensus system dependent on the participation of so-called “miners”, whose work help guarantee the integrity and security of blockchain transactions.

Mining, however, is an incredibly complex field to enter, especially for beginners. From identifying the correct hardware against pricing, power consumption and performance, to technical configuration and setting up of mining software, the complexity only increases as miners add on machines and the network becomes larger.

Simplifying mining

easyMINE’s core idea is as simple as its description: plug and mine.

easyMINE is a suite of solutions designed to simplify and streamline the process of setting up, expanding, and managing a cryptocurrency mine. Its simplicity will be as useful to novice miners as its efficiency and control will be for advanced ones.

Its goal is a full-feature, versatile and powerful system accessible by both layperson and expert, allowing anyone to participate in and profit from crypto mining.

Why easyMINE?


The easyMINE distribution package will include all the software needed to run a profitable mine: the eMOS operating system, hardware drivers, mining programs, and the eM dashboard. No additional purchases, downloads, or installations will be necessary.

Easy to use

Having trouble with concepts like “blockchain”, “hash” and “nodes”? EasyMINE will require little more than intermediate computer skills to operate successfully.


Access every aspect of the mining operation and control it. From set up, to inventory, to performance, troubleshooting and maintenance. All from a single remote dashboard.


Automate the entire mining process, or tweak with it as you wish. EasyMINE is able to self configure, self optimise and self manage, or it can work with your configurations with minimal supervision.


easyMINE improves over time, able to adjust and fine tune its own operating parameters for maximum efficiency. This is done though analysis of past performance and from “lessons learnt” from other similarly configured machines.

Scalable and extensible

Using one mean machine? Or commanding a fleet of mining rigs? easyMINE works for small miners and for professional ones. Want to add new currencies, new wallets, new algorithms? easyMINE can be extended to support all that.

easyMiNE ICO Structure

33 million easyMINE (EMT) tokens are to be issued on the ETH platform, of which 27 million EMT will be distributed during the ICO starting on 24 August. 2 million EMT will be allocated as pre-ICO bonuses, while another 2 million will be shared between the developers and advisors. 1 million EMT each will be reserved for promotional campaigns and for the easyMINE Corporation.

EMT will be used to pay for easyMINE services, through easyMiNE Corporation, which will continue to burn EMTs received as payment until there are only 3 million EMT left in circulation. This aims to provide long term value to EMT.

You may participate in the ICO, whereupon early birds can take advantage of cheaper prices according to the following tiers:

Tier 1: 1 EMT = 0.0007 ETH until 2 million are sold

Tier 2: 1 EMT = 0.00075 ETH until 4 million are sold

Tier 3: 1 EMT = 0.0008 ETH until a maximum of 27 million are sold

The ICO will continue until either 21,300 ETH is raised or 27 million EMT are sold or 200,000 blocks are added to the ETH blockchain (approximately 34 days from the ICO start).

Unsold tokens will be burned.

Interested? Visit https://ico.easymine.io/ or contact the team via Facebook, Twitter or Slack.

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