Cryptonetix Crowdsale Review

Cryptonetix Crowdsale Review

Cryptonetix is planning to build a blockchain base platform dedicated on asset management, along with funding and analytics as well as education. The project’s team aims to build web based and mobile application for the purposes of managing, investing and learning about cryptocurrency.

Ethereum was chosen as the project’s base as its advantages would serve the vision upheld by the Cryptonetix team. Most notably, transaction times, the ability to independently issue tokens and the community support Ethereum has as a cryptocurrency platform along with its widespread acceptance are all made mention in the project’s whitepaper.

Through Ethereum’s infrastructure, Cryptonetix plans to utilize smart contracts and token creation features provided by the platform, to create the necessary architecture in order to support the project’s vision. The team of the project plans to build a blockchain based Software As A Service system.

The service’s platform as envisioned by the project’s team is set to feature several layers within its architecture. The initial product to be rolled out however, is projected to feature a web, application, caching and a database tier.

The current vision includes options to scale the project’s platform by utilizing cloud services and load balancing technology for its web and application layers. Downtime would be prevented thanks to caching servers. Furthermore, security is planned to be improved through the use of SSL secure connections, firewalls and the use of second factor authentication technology.

On the service side, Cryptonetix plans on offering its analytical data along with commentary streaming via API. This would be targeted towards other applications that would be able such a utility for a monthly fee. Moreover, firms could potentially build in house solution for trading or use the upcoming platform of the project. The API is set to be released shortly after the initial release.

The platform’s overview offers a more extensive overlook to interested parties. The conceptualization of the project’s potential features includes specific aspects, making mention of a dashboard, analytics, funding, portfolio and investor Resource center.

With the dashboard being the main venue for users to identify assets on the blockchain that the see as suitable for investing, with the platform providing potential investors with analytical tools such as heatmaps through it.

Those analytics are envisioned to be based on AI as well as non-AI algorithms that involve the use of technical indicators. Furthermore, there are going to be exclusive features for mobile users such as updates and push notifications that will be tracking events based on analytical tools.

Management funding as well as portfolio building are also envisioned to become part of the project as well as portfolio information sharing. This is set to bring social trading into a whole new level with the use of blockchain technology, also allowing for the creation of cryptocurrency investment funds. Finally, the “Investor Resource Center” would act as a continuously updated educational hub that would feature exclusive tools for that purpose.

All in all, Cryptonetix lays out a great vision and roadmap on what a platform for decentralized blockchain asset management would do and offer. However, the most important part of such a project, development, is yet to be done. No matter how good the plan sounds, potential investor should have that in mind when deciding on whether to participate in a project targeting such a competitive industry.


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