Connectius Crowdsale Review

Connectius Crowdsale Review

Connectius is a proposed SaaS platform, aiming to provide services to ecommerce merchants by integrating blockchain architecture in its service structure.

The first goal set by the project’s team would be to create a global and universal core platform for multiple services. Under the name Connectius.Core, this aspect of the platform is set to provide for the creation and maintenance of e-marketplaces. The platform is set to handle internal transactions with the use of smart contracts and blockchain technology.

Secondly, developers plan on creating an application that could act as a proof of concept for the project, dubbed Connectius.Experts. This aspect of the platform is going to provide a diverse list of microservices to users all around the world, without any geographical limitations. Moreover, the token issued under the platform will be used its monetary unit, being utilized as a mean of payment for any transactions within it.

According to the whitepaper of the project, developers are claiming that Connectius’ platform would come into fulfilling the following goals among others:

  • Allowing existing services to easily integrate their applications with blockchain technology and allow for smart contract enabled commerce.
  • Increase the transparency of transactions.
  • Create a universal mean of exchange under the platform with the token that is to be created.
  • Further enhance cryptocurrency’s use cases

Aside of the core aspectos covered by the platform, a multitude of services are also set to be provided through Connectius set of provided services. Those would include an API to integrate with the platform, user accounts databases, a user service requests module, registers through the decentralized technology of smart contracts, user ratings and token transfers.

Moreover, a dispute resolution system is proposed, which will at later stages be utilized by using the services of trusted community members or organizations under the platform. This would of course yield payment using the platform’s tokens.

Looking through the proposed solution of the platform in more detail, users of it would be able to have a personal account under which they’d be able to: Create requests for services, receive service offers, track services, transfer money for payments, leave ratings & communicate as well as store unique content. This is all set to be accessible to users after the creation of a customer account, which is going to be the default in the platform.

Additionally, “contractors” are going to be another integral part of the platform which will allow the interested users to provide services through the platform after applying for and obtaining the status. Moreover, multiple contractors will be able to unite under the assigned status of a “service company” to provide more advanced iterations of contractor services like creating interactive events and organizing loyalty reward programs.

Finally, in spite of a finale launch set to take place in the third quarter of 2019, Connectius already offers an alpha version of its application that as the developers claim, is to be downloaded by alpha testers. Users can sign up for this through the project’s website.

All in all, Connectius is tappin on the market of Software as a Service for ecommerce, which to this day is a highly competitive market, but with a twist gearing towards decentralization. Getting the cryptocurrency community interested in providing solutions for such matters has the potential to yield a whole aspect of the existing user base of cryptos into such a platform if it’s designed right.


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