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My expertise
I am a seasoned member at the, the largest and most active online forum for Bitcoin and general cryptocurrency discussion. For more than a year, I successfully managed bounty campaigns and signature campaigns for various start-ups, gambling portals and crypto projects.

Almost all of these campaigns are manually managed. Naturally, there are many issues with manual work: they are prone to errors and inaccuracies with calculations, as campaign managers have to check each and every action (such as posts or tweets) for quality and eligibility. These errors result in payment delays, participant frustration, and inefficient results.
My offer
So I thought: why not a new way of managing campaigns? I worked on an idea that would give campaign owners more control and more automation, culminating in
Imagine a system that automatically verifies each action, eliminating human error and delays. Instead of waiting each period for a manager to count, you get automated tallies, allowing for quicker and accurate bounty distribution. Real-time monitoring of statistics can also help you to adjust rates and requirements, resulting in a more efficient way of promoting your project.
Your participants are more satisfied, you feel more secure with better control over your campaign, and your venture has a better chance at success.