Bazista Crowdsale Review

Bazista Crowdsale Review

Bazista is a project with the goal of creating a platform for the exchange of goods and services. It aims on targeting the growing crowd involved with cryptocurrency and digital assets. The vision of the project’s team involved counting on the basic premise of cryptocurrencies, being able to transact value.

The target audience the platform’s service would mostly be attractive to is also growing along with internet usage. As access to the internet becomes more and more widespread through time and all over the world, markets for services provided through it are growing along with its userbase.
E-commence is one such growing market, and the Bazista plans on providing infrastructure for this sector. While the market for e-commerce is growing though, the innovation of the blockchain is also made note in the project’s whitepaper. It becomes clear that the concept of the blockchain and the innovation cryptocurrencies offer in general has inspired the project’s team.
Making note of the rise of cryptocurrency through the last year alone, adoption of the technology could have potential in the e-commerce sector, where transactioning value is such an integral part of the provided services. Moreover, the integration of cryptocurrencies to real world transactions could add to the inherent value of digital assets by connecting them with usability on the real world.
With those principles in mind, Bazista’s vision is to integrate the advantages of cryptocurrency into a platform that as they claim, “will comprise all strengths of some market giants like eBay, Amazon and Alibaba”. The platform sets of offering both Business to Business and Customer to Customer commerce.
Some of the advantages for users that the project’s team makes mention of are: the ability of users to purchase products without having to register, lack of hidden commissions, no taxes as well as instant payments. Likewise, sellers are also going to enjoy instant payments along with low commissions but also have access to marketing tools.
Integral functions of the platform will be aided by the token that’s going to be used as a universal mean of transactioning value within it. After the crowd sale, the token holders will be able to have access to special features once the platform launches. The use of a single token under the platform would contribute to its growth, incentivizing users to contribute by making the growth of the platform in their best interest.

Moreover, users that sign up to the platform while being holders of BZS tokens will have access to special features for both sellers as well as customers. Users not holding tokens will of course also be able to earn through the platform by selling gods or by the various types of transactions within it.
Finally, incentives for keeping tokens within the platform will be given to sellers. Essentially, the more tokens they keep within it, the lower the commission they’ll have to pay. Additionally, another revenue stream for the platform will be a subscription model that will grant sellers a more cost efficient access to advertising.  

All in all, Bazista sets on competing with industry giants but has the toolset that the blockchain has to offer by its side. If successful in implementing what the team of the project is envisioning, interest from cryptocurrency enthusiasts could give the platform a special boost amid existing competition. With a beta launch scheduled on the fourth Quarter of 2018 as per the published roadmap of the project, interested parties could potentially  test the potential of the platform soon.


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