About Bounty Portals

About Bounty Portals

Bounty Portals Overview

Ever since Bitcoin came to be, the innovation it has enabled for is immersive. The progress the cryptocurrency economy has made is great and the drive for innovation keeps it going. The total market value of cryptocurrencies is now bigger than ever and shows no signs of stopping.

After Bitcoin, Ethereum came to revolutionize token issuance and decentralize investing for tech projects. Ethereum’s token creation and smart contract infrastructure allow for talented developers to source their funding from people all over the world by issuing tokens that could in a way act as shares for users to invest in projects.   

With 1.2 billion in US dollar value already invested in Initial Coin Offerings just in the first half of 2017, it’s obvious that cryptocurrency users are eager to invest back in the space with their earned funds through the rally. As it’s evident that cryptocurrency users have a big propensity to invest their earnings even amid the economy’s boom, this screams like an opportunity that shouldn’t be missed for developers.

Any tech project with a potential for profit should look into ethereum’s token issuance system and consider running an ICO for investments. Ethereum’s community is hungry for innovation at the moment and users of the currency appear very eager to invest in new projects that seem innovative.

However, breaking into such a market can be hard and quite demanding. Cryptocurrency users are inherently tech savvy and often times show great appreciation for developers going the extra mile to establish a base for the to-be-issued token that will ultimately back their project. It can be hard to shine through all the competition though.

A great way to engage with the community and help the word for a project spread more organically is through bounty programs. This essentially means that developers reward potential future users for engaging with the token’s release through various ways; that’s something that helps coins establish a base even prior to its release, and after releasing there’s already a user base with the coin’s success in their best interest.

In more detail, users can be rewarded for helping promote the ICO of upcoming projects through mainstream social media, be rewarded for including links to the ICO from their forum profiles in bitcointalk.org (the most popular cryptocurrency forum) or even spread the word about the project by helping translate the announcement.

All of the above can be very demanding in order to promote an upcoming ICO; as well as being quite distracting from the vital technicalities developers can face when releasing a token on technically complicated platforms such as the ones cryptocurrency provides.

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Thankfully though, BountyPortals has been created to assist in automating all those procedures. This way maximizing productivity and helping developers of new projects focus on sides of their project they’re experts on more thoroughly.

The developers of BountyPortals are experienced with developing, running and promoting their own cryptocurrency related ventures. They recognize the importance of effective promotion and with BountyPortals, they’re aiming to make the bounty programs more efficient and effective than ever.

With it, token developers will have a full set of tools, and the advice of experts on the sector at their disposal to make the processes of managing bounty campaigns a whole lot easier, faster and overall more productive. The tools BountyPortals offers include:

Facebook Campaign Managment

BountyPortals allows for the automatic monitoring of Facebook comments and likes that will contribute to spreading the word about the project being advertised. BountyPortals will assist in eliminating all the time consuming and tedious tasks from managing a Facebook campaign as it’ll take care of automatically handling posts and likes.          

Twitter Campaign Managment

Through BountyPortals’ platform, developers will be able to run Twitter campaigns for the targeted promotion of their projects more efficiently than ever thanks to the service’s ability to check tweets and retweets by participants in the campaign in full automation.

Translations Management

Seeking full-time translators can be expensive and very time-consuming. BountyPortals connects developers with community members willing to translate announcement threads, whitepapers and blog posts of cryptocurrency projects.

Signature Campaign Managment

Signature campaigns running on bitcointalk.org have for long been considered one of the traditional and effective ways to advertise electronic currency projects to a very targeted audience. BountyPortals makes the process of running one more effective and efficient than it ever was thanks to its automation.

Newsletter, Slack and Telegram Signup Managment

BountyPortals’ service allows for developers to reward users to automatically be rewarded when signing up to receive updates from potential projects or even signup to join the community chat in the popular platforms of Slack/Telegram.

Optionally, project developers will also be able to utilize the advice of the expert team behind BountyPortals on how to run the bounty campaign to better promote the upcoming venture.

The Importance of Bounties

In short, there’s a lot of competition amid the crypto currency community. Developers ought to do everything they can to help their project’s user base expand and their project shine in between all the rivals in the same economy.

Cryptocurrency users appreciate bounties and are eager to get back innovative projects when given the right incentive. Bounties are an established way to get a community following in the first steps of upcoming cryptocurrency projects and in the end, users rewarded through bounty programs are interested in the project’s success

BountyPortals can help automate above procedures and help any project get the most out of a bounty campaign while project developers are able to run it through error free, automated procedures in a service created by developers, for developers.

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