Month: February 2018 Crowdsale Review Crowdsale Review

Tokia is an ICO project that aims to create a mobile exchange and digital currency wallet, featuring a unique, crypto loaded debit card.

The project’s team envisions to build an easy to use, and feature packed cryptocurrency wallet that will allow for the utilization of cryptocurrency in the best way possible. Ease of use is surely an issue in terms of cryptocurrency, and it’s especially hard for new users to utilize even the smallest fraction of what cryptocurrency has to offer in terms of utility.

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GN Compass Crowdsale Review

GN Compass Crowdsale Review

GN Compass is an ICO backed a project that seeks to build a platform for cryptocurrency backed loans.

The team’s vision for the project is to allow for parties interested to invest within the platform to pool their funds and offer them at a certain interest rate. The invested amount is to be backed by Compass Tokens (GNCT). All transactions are set to take place and be verified on Ethereum’s ledger.

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